Is Jay Z really part of the Illuminati and should we even care?

Is Jay Z really part of the Illuminati and should we even care?

cn_image.size.jay-z-song-cuba          I have been reading for a while now that Jay Z is high ranking member of the Illuminati. In addition to Big J, so is his wife Beyoncé, Rhianna and number of other well-known rappers and celebs. They often foolish give away there clandestine dark allegiance when they make the sign of the beast in concerts and public gathering. The Illuminati if you not aware are a supposed cabal of Satan worshiping uber wealthy, who’s long term goal is to enslave mankind under the jack boot of the their new world order.  Kind of like McDonalds but without the Mc Happy meals. They are connected to masonic temples and Rothschild bankers and covertly meet up and plan out the stages of project “Must control the peasant’s” at place like the Bohemian  grove . If you think this is true when you now listen to Jay Z songs they take on far more menacing tone “99 problems and bitch ain’t one” is metaphor for the 99% of the population he needs to control , rather than the jayz4problems of his current pesky butler. On the surface of it all sounds completely absurd and the degree of truth to those particular celebrities,  or any celebrities for that matter, being part of this secret world order seems more unlikely than likely .

Opening one’s eyes              

Yet what part of these takes on the “Truth” do you choose to take in and believe is in fact true? Maybe Jay Z is fact a high ranking captain within the Illuminati and its me who is fact deluded. As It doesn’t take a huge amount of digging around reading up on things to realise the official view of life and how government and business operate is not the reality of how the world really works. When I was 16 I have given the book Heroes written by John Pilger. At the time it had a huge impact on me and set me on path of scrutinising news and the government’s official positions. In this book Pilger looks at the ruthless and rapacious way in which western  governments ,by proxy or directly, commit mass murder without even batting an eyelid. Yet these days when it comes to questioning the official narrative and theorising about what the truth really is Pilger would be seen as lightweight, maybe it part of the Illuminati itself, set up as a distraction from the truly shocking truth they so cleverly conceal.

The vast and varied spectrum of truth            

the-truth-spectrum-e1396623691197 So to get an idea of working out what is or isn’t true, imagine a spectrum that takes in all the views  possible ,from standard to almost unbelievable . Let’s say on this spectrum  official view of business and government that I think would be accurate reflected by what you hear on BCC , basically an establishments friendly narrative. Maybe its sit between somewhere on the spectrum of “I can make truth” and “bullshit”. We then move from the dogged questioning and reporting of who and what is really running this world with web sites like Counterpunch and Truthdig. It then spiral out to the more the extreme view of what’s really going on such a infowars and other like it. As you move along this spectrum it seems to further you go, the more sinister and wicked the true picture appears to be. Obviously the more far fetch or totally bat shit crazy it sounds, the more elaborate and machiavellian means are required to cover up its truth. It’s then wrapped in failsafe logic, that if you question what been said, then you just one the “Sheeple” still caught in the matrix of the masses. 


What is or isn’t?

So like many people I am faced with the question or what part of all this do I buy and what parts to do just put in the crazy bin? Illuminati?  9/11 inside job? Aliens are already with us? Reptiles, not humans run the world? Our Food supply is poisoned? People already colonising  mars? We are going to be soon going to monitored and controlled by micro-chips?

Alex JonesI site that prides itself on telling the “real truth” is  very popular one that’s been around for a while “The Alex Jones show” from the site info wars and prisonplant. If you have never been to the site check it out. Personally I can only handle so much, as its heavy going. As all of it reporting and stories are about dedicated to informing the public to what’s really going on ie. the new world order and the enslavement of man and its many tentacles in which this is playing itself out. I find It has very angry ranty and suspiscion tone and seriously is devoid of any humour whats so ever, something i think is always needed not matter how shitty things maybe. Also I assume he is making quite a pretty penny off his selfless crusade to enlighten the masses. So the rioting and conflict going on in Ferguson USA over the shooting of an unarmed black man, is more than just that, according to inforwars. For them its pretext to incite a racial war and then declare Marshall law across the US and take away our guns (sorry their guns) . So no matter how benign something appears or just plain old fucked up and tragic, such the Sandy brook school shooting,  they seem somehow to uncover and find a more sisters hidden story going underneath.

As fiction becomes fact             

Now you could right off Alex Jones and his legions as “conspiracy theorist” just further south from crazy town. Yet we do see stuff coming out into the public domain that prior was consider “conspiracy” all the time. The most recent one is the NSA monitoring of meta data and calls of citizens world-wide. If someone has come out 3-4 years ago and said “This is my theory” they would have lampooned and derided as a “conspiracy theorist” yet here we are, it’s no longer a paranoid theory but the cold hard truth. That being the case , what is currently dismissed as ludicrous  that that in the future shown to be fact?

Drawing an arbitrary line         

worldorderSo at what point on this expanding spectrum of doubt and questioning do you draw the line? All the stuff I have read on 9/11 truth and the illuminati, some of it can be quite a convincing read and it does raise question that I don’t think there straight forward and obvious answers. Yet in trying to work out what’s “true” I just don’t have enough knowledge and reach into that world to make anything than educate guess or an intuitive hunch.  So the actual truth of it I can’t say, what I can share is how it impacts me and the view of the world you start to see by its absorption. As at what point does staying informed become being deluded or tragically missing the mark.

What do I do now          

Although each theory or version of “The truth” is unique,  broadly speaking most take on a very simplistic view of life and people. That is, we have the evil elites, the resistance to their new world order(who the believers see themselves as), then finally the mindless dumb-dumbs who trundling along ignorant of that snare they are caught in.  The greyness of how humans can rationalise and justify doing bad things to good people is not factored in. Tony Blair has to be more than greedy, attention loving narcissist, he has to be evil. It’s a black white world of goodies and baddies that finds no in between.  Yet this simplistic view aisde for me one of the biggest drawbacks or dead-ends that taking this type of knowledge in is what to do with. As once you have been initiated the “Real truth” the same place that share this doesn’t provide affirming solution or actions to then counter what you are being informed about. It like there is this new world order, in league with aliens, developing this mind control technology to turn humans into mindless robots, followed by the thought…..…..umm what do I want on my pizza? As not matter how sinister and dark the picture of the world maybe it still unfolds, for the most of us in the banality and tedium of everyday living.

Its messed up and unfair all on its own           

the-political-elite  I also know that for the world to operate the way it does we don’t need a shadowy cabal to be playing the role of puppet master. Rather we have a system that perpetuates and replicates itself .It rewards those who further it and punishes those who try undermining it.  So there may in fact be a clandestine world order but there doesn’t have to be. As we have fairly upfront “order” which derives from the amoral ,mutual benefit of “No matter who it hurts or who gets fuck over I will enrich and support others, who  enrich and support me.” Unless there are concentrated social forces that directly challenge this process , those with power will accumulate more and more, as it then takes on snowball effect. Within this system you can see how the various parts all compliment each other without any guidance from above. So you can see how advertising sells products and enriches those selling the products, it then advances the media selling their space .Then to add to this without being told by the government or some super elites, it also distracts people and undermines people’s confidence in themselves by trying to make them feel insecure in order to buy things they don’t need .By doing this then helps government  or those in power to get way with things that maybe wouldn’t get away with, if the public was more social aware and less mentally distracted. So power protects its own interests and feeds that which will furthers its larger agenda  all on its own self generate momentum.

The basic question of what helps?       

So I think it’s good to stay up to date and keep an open mind about what’s going on but never to the point that becomes more important that the reality of what’s before you.  As it’s like me spending all day writing an article on how we need to spend more time with our kids and the importance of unstructured play , all the while I plonk my kids in front of the their Nintendo  and TV while I write this much need social critique of modern parenting . So I am aiming at least to try filter what I do and don’t take in by thinking “How does this help me” or “How has this given a new understanding of the world ?” I recently read the book by Mark Curtis called “Unpeople” .I thought it was an excellent book and many of the things he covers in British foreign policy during the 1960s I had no idea of. Reading it has given me a better understanding of that time and how I see it impacting today. Yet watching a video stating that Ebola has been planted in the population as part a US government secret agenda, doesn’t make me feel either better informed or helps me personally. Rather just another bit information that may or maybe be true, that upon reading it you either feel fear, anger or suspicion.

The right question              

inner-peace-672x372So for me asking “How do I become and more loving and self-aware person?”, is better question to probe and explore than “Is the illuminati really running the world?” As I think attempting to work out the right and wrong is almost an impossible objective. Knowing if something adds value to yourself and the world at large, I think is far easier and authentic way to work out what to take in and what not to. So is Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé  VIP members of the Illuminati? Who knows and frankly who really gives a shit, is about the best and most honest answer I can give.