Ewan Nicholson wins award for “Biggest Human Brain Ever”

Ewan Nicholson wins award for “Biggest Human Brain Ever”

For the last 16 years Ewan Nicholson, a resident in Malaga Spain,  has won the prestigious “Biggest human brain ever” award. Every year brains throughout the world are submitted to enter this competition, yet year after year, no brain has come close to Ewan’s size and over all full spectrum braininess.

 Professor Boffin from the Brain Measuring Institute stated.

brain-award“It’s true,  I have never seen a brain so big and colossal in its brain power and incalculable intelligence. It’s the kind of brain that could do all the timetables without a calculator and spell very big words. I wish when I was a kid I had a dad who had such a big brain.”  

Guinness book of records also confirmed Ewan Nicholson brain was the biggest it has ever measured.

A friend that went to school with Ewan said

brain2He always had a watermelon shaped head that we knew had to have something inside, we just assumed it was air or water, we has no idea that is was 100% brain”

Speaking to Ewan Nicholson he said ”It’s not easy being so brainy, often I get headaches due to so much brain power. It’s hard being smarter than all the other7 billion humans on the planet but what can I say, I didn’t choose to have this gigantic brain I was just born this way. It just science”

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