The Hero needed to save us from Global warming

The Epic battle is taking place ,as the “forces of darkness” wage war against the “forces light”, in a battle in which the outcome will determine the fate of humanity”

By E.F Nicholson 

Sounds like a dramatic by-line for a new star wars film? Think again  is being waged right before our eyes

Human often understand issues through the power of a story, rather than a detailed explanation of the facts of what and why something is happening. Stories and myths have the ability to convey powerful and meaningful messages about the nature of humans and the issues we face throughout life. There has been much written around Joseph Campbell’s book the hero myth .In it he demonstrates even though we have vastly different cultures through the world we a linked and connected the by common themes and understandings about life and humanity .In it he outlines the twelve’s stages of the hero adventure or quest  , he threads in a multitude of myths and legends across time and culture and regions of the world to illustrates how each culture has their unique version of the hero journey .It appears humanity has unique pockets of means of express but essentially the same understanding of the process of how we approach adversity and attempt to grow, what we will encounter and eventually how we are triumphant  in evolving as individuals and society.

Right now the meaning and map that these twelve’s step reveal could never be more relevant to our global civilisation . If you see the hero in the story as being the majority portion of humanity that wants to live peacefully and in harmony with the earth, in such a way that we hand over and earth to future generation that  is liveable and sustainable. This collective mass of humanity, although divided, is faced with this quest which has the gravest of importance with stakes as high as they can get. For appears the overall population hasn’t full grasped what is really going on. There has yet to be a collective “click” that the issue of climate change has crossed a line from a question of how we manage and address the increase is post-industrial temperature of the earth and the consequence of its rapid accent, to an issue of do we allow our planet and civilisation to be decimated and destroyed on the action of small cabal of greedy and sociopathic men.

This is no longer a debate about the environment, it a question about the fate of humanity and will it be allowed to be swallowed up by the forces of darkness. The wonderful thing about the hero myth is its universal meaning and understanding. Even in our western society where many meaningful myths, symbols and rituals have been hijacked by the ideology of consumption and status, we have still given birth to our modern version of the hero’s story. Be it the Matrix, The Star Wars trilogy or Lord of the Rings each of these story has a useful capacity to be re-understood in context to the threat of climate change. Society now as it a approaches the tipping point of climate change is very much Like Frodo at the beginning of his quest to vanquish the ring into the fire or mordor .The mission must be fulfilled against all odds otherwise the eye or Soris would envelop all of middle earth its dark and desolate power. All Luke sky walker and the Rebels  quest to prevent the Death Star from wiping out planets and forcing the rebels and the rest of the universe to remain under the cruel and despairing rule of the dark side. It the fact so much is at stake, it’s the fact that if they failure it will result in so much death and destruction is what allows to emotional get behind the characters .Yet when the facts are laid out before us, just on what we know as of today, we are facing just as grave a threat, that will left unchecked and unaddressed leave bring with an era of unprecedented suffering, death, hardship and desolation .Followed by an earth that will be un unrecognisable ,only a pale former shadow of what was once a fertile and abundant planet .

We have our death star pointed at our earth, we have the legions of the Dark-Side plotting and ensure that the destruction is unstoppable. So far the greatest victory against our hero, again all of civilisation how the empire has determined the shape of what it is we are really debating first trying to filter in doubt that in reality doesn’t exist, as that becomes less plausise its to debate an argue how bad it really will be and what in reality will be  best way to address this. All this chattering and discussions is fine as long as nothing is done to address the true cause and means to which our destruction to create by, which is the reality of capitalist system that is built and driven by sociopathic and greedy men.

Appropriate Outrage…

Let us reframe the climate change debate away from the scientist and policy makers and bring it back to the people. Let us discuss what this is really about….

“Are we going to allow our planet and our civilisation to destroyed and decimated by the choices of a few greedy and sociopathic men”

This is a battle with the highest stakes, next to nuclear annihilation, climate change supersedes any challenge or conflict ever faced before in known history. It is our occurring right now ,under our noses with our silent consent. This is achieved by saturated the general public in immense amounts of lies, myths, trickery, deceptions, propaganda and distraction that looks to retaining a docile and confused mass .

Meanwhile the brink draws nearer, the tipping point of no return grows ever closer and closer and PSY Ganagnam style becomes the first video to be watch over a billion people. If this didn’t involve the unnecessary  suffering ,misery and the future of death billions of people, it could be even thought of as funny. We now have a modern update, no longer “Rome burns whilst they played the fiddle,” in its place we have  “The earth and its people perished while watching over a billion time PSY dance like he is riding a horse, Gangnam style.”

People don’t know how serious this really is..        

It is my believe that the general public allow our acceleration to destruction to go unanswered because they really haven’t gauged how truly high the stakes are and how seriously the small of the time we have left to bring things back.

Why waiting isn’t an option…

The problem this type global calamity presents , is when the “Average Joe” really starts to be impacted, the likelihood is it will be ready to late. As there is 30-50 year time lag in the impact on carbon emissions, combined with tipping points like the arctic ice melt and the methane release from Siberian tundra , getting all outraged once the “Genie is out of the bottle” will be futile.

It only now and the coming years that mass public  appropriate outrage has the potential to make a serious impact on stopping or reversing the approaching global carnage and annihilation, that an increase of 2C-6C to the post industrial age temperature of the earth will bring rise of will bring.

Forget about mainstream media…

Even though this last ten years more studies are coming out showing it worse than we thought, more heat records are being hit, the arctic ice is melting 75 years quick than expected,  the media is actually mentioning climate change even less.

This makes perfect sense when you accept the media is owned by the same vested interest that are working tirelessly  to ensure nothing is really done about holding back climate change. The media isn’t the voice of the public, mirroring back what’s going on in society. The mainstream media is there to ensure and safeguard the interest of the powerful and elite. Ensuring debate and discussion stays within the acceptable terms of the people who power they protect. This is not just my opinion there is been study after study exposing the blatant and inarguable fact .So we can forget waiting for our news stations to whip the public into a frenzy of outrage, quite the opposite anyone seen doing this is going to be ridiculed ,scorn and ignored.

So what is left to be done..

I see that’s only through a grassroots activism and promotion of the issues, that we have seen in “Occupy” and other movements that the seeds of really change can come about. Before the internet is put under corporate or state control we still have the space online to share what happening and communicate how high the stakes really are. I intend to set up a web site with these goals in mind

Promote awareness about the…

  • Severity of the suffering what climate change beyond 2 degrees Centigrade  will bring.
  • How urgent it is that action is taken to stop this.
  • How little time we have left for something to be effective.
  • How this is no longer about the environment, it is about the future of humanity.
  • How mainstream media, corporate and state power is working against these objectives.

We will be doing this by use of videos, meme and any other media that can highlight via humour and inspiration the absurdity of where we find ourselves as a society and the moral imperative we all have to act on what we know

A question in the future that I have to answer today….

As I am left with a question I have to ask myself every day. When things get ugly, when the whole edifice of stability starts crumbling down and my kids ask me ”Dad when you knew it was going to be as bad as it was, what did you do?” Well this will be my answer and maybe it could be yours to .I stood up and in the virtual world and shouted out as loud as I could “stop everyone, something bad is happening, we must take a look and see if we can stop it” .The technical aspects of how climate change is slowed down, the practically of how this will be integrated on macro and micro economics levels, it not my area of expertise .All I know is I know this is bad , I know it will bring about untold suffering , to beginning with in the poorest and most vulnerable parts of the world, I know that once it kicks off, it could unfold is quicker and more destructively  than we can even fathom and I know we have one and only one shot at this, as if we hit the topping point, there is no going back, period.

Parts of me with I could just “un-know” this and enjoy my time, whatever maybe left. Yet this can’t be unknown and therefore I owe it to my kids, my community and the future of all those yet to be born to voice my outrage and voice shock that we could actually let such petty and ugly group of people do this to our earth, our mother of existence and humanity itself .

I just hope that you can join me and contribute in whatever way possible to say “No, no way will we let humanity snuffed just so you can squeeze out a bit more profit , no, no way will we let you flush our civilisation down the toilet for few extra bucks.”

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