The absurd reality of what lies before and the urgent need to unite

cap machine    I don’t think it can be said strongly enough, often enough and loudly enough how absolutely, utterly bat shit crazy the situation humanity finds itself in. We have allowed and we have permitted the political and corporate classes to screw us and screw our planet, all the while benevolently providing us with our mobiles, tablets, laptops and TVs, so we have front rows seats to witness the story of our demise, all in HD.

The saga of oppressed and oppressor is an old one but this narrative we find ourselves in, has a sinister and menacing twist. As in its hands, lies not the future of a king or his kingdom or an emperor and his empire, rather it lies all of humanity and the creatures we share this planet with. Right now not only do billions find themselves enslaved, alienated and downtrodden but we are the ones turning the cogs of a global apparatus that is doing this. The “for profit” story we have been told is now “just the way it is” that we are violently sucked into, is dependent on us, to pull the levers, press the buttons and turn the switches to ensure its continued growth and power. Also ensuring a horror story of ungraspable proportions awaiting our children and our children’s children as the full fury of global warming, is unleashed on us all. It’s we the consumers, we the payers of debt, we the workers and wage earners, we the people, that break our backs, to pull the oars on the galley ship sailing toward our own destruction and decimation. We are the ones paying for the privilege of ending humanity’s existence, through earning money in jobs we hate, so we can buy products we don’t need, to solve problems that don’t exist.

men worldI was reading an article written by a group of  climate change scientists about their need to reappraise their strategies when it came to making society “as a whole” see how important it is to tackle climate change. I understand they are doing the best they can to get their message out, yet I couldn’t help feeling that the language they used was cloaked in a mildness and sanitisation that is completely out of proportion to the death and destruction that we are heading towards, at a faster, that’s right faster rate, than we have ever been. It talks about process, access, dialogue, negotiation when in fact it needs to talk about action, revolution, solidarity, resistance, radical change. It should be saying they’re “shit scared”, it should be saying they are “freaking the fuck out”, as that is the appropriate response to the unmitigated suffering and death that we are all spiralling towards, they of all people know and see this clearly.

Yet the climate scientists have done their job, they are doing their jobs, they are collecting, interpreting, analysing, measuring and alerting society to know what is fact is going on and what will happen if things are not changed. Yet it’s not their job to rally the citizenry, to call upon everyone to join together and fight back against what is being done. That is in theory is meant to be the job of our leaders, our elders, the wise amongst us. Sadly we are  ruled by criminals, narcissists and charlatans, so we get leadership appropriate to their level of intelligence and care ,like the type of advice George W Bush gave the American people, as they dealt with the shock and pain of 9/11, that is “go out and shop” .This is now an “issue” that has crossed a line and is no longer an “environmental” issue, in the way you see environment as tab on news web site, next to culture, business and sport. This is about humanity’s survival,  this is about our near terminal annihilation!!! This is about the permitting billions of lives to be destroyed and ruined, as sea levels rise, this is about the violent wrath of extreme climate events, smashing its hammer on more places, more people , with greater and greater intensity and greater and greater frequency than ever before, bringing with it death, disease and immense and immeasurable anguish. Sadly all of this is only the beginning of a turning point that will propel us into a future we have no control over, that ends only when all of humanity and thousands of the species we share this planet with are all extinct and recorded history stops, with no one left to record it.

All of this not from a hurtling meteor from outer space, not from some unforeseen solar flare but from the waste, fuelling and spill over of  the giant machine we are feed from and feed to. It’s coming because of the greedy and sociopathic designs of the few and the enslavement and ignorance of the many. Recently a report noted 99 government and corporate organisation that are contributing to the majority of greenhouse gases. So we  have the names and numbers of those who are content to fuck this planet and everything on it, just so some extremely wealthy people can get even wealthier.  We even know who they are and where they are, it isn’t some super-secret thing, yet we seem paralysed as we seem to be either suffering from societal Stockholm syndrome or we just don’t think we can do much about it .

hands     Yet no one wants this future, even though many people could know more than they do, I think most people like myself want to do something, somehow but are bound and restricted by their own responsibilities, duties, hardships and basic life stuff. Yet in addition to our problems or part of what makes our problems, “problems”, is this feeling of powerlessness that pervades so much of our lives. Before even getting to “global issues” we have the daily feeling of not having the power to even decide if we work or not, how we work, who we work with, what work we do. The majority of people either loath their jobs or tolerate them solely to pay the bills. If you don’t have the autonomy to choose how your time and labour is utilised, then what can you feel but “powerlessness” .So it makes sense that if you feel powerless over you own life, one just assumes that it’s even more so when it comes to global issues.

This of course is all by design, as we often fail to see this collective and individual feeling of powerlessness has been manufactured, it is not the truth. All of the major social advancements in human rights, worker rights, women rights, civil rights were not handed down from high above, they were fought for, pushed for, in the end by unified and determined large groups of people. So what I see is I have power and my power rests not in my own individual voice or my personal vision. I will not be free of  powerlessness  by making more money, essentially I can’t just free myself. Yet this whole mind set of getting free from the “rat race” it leaves such an important awareness out, is this isn’t about me.In life, there are bigger callings and more critical issues that just my own comfort and pleasure. As my true freedom and my true power comes from resonating in the power of many voices that are unified under one central and shared message. It is a power that self circulates from the group to the individual and back around. It’s creative, its caring, it is  together and it is  prevailing and it’s the only thing that has ever defeated or held back the type of sociopathic forces that now rule triumphant. As we now have a unifying message, we now have a collective want to get behind, which is “we must stop this insanity before it’s too late”

fireflys         We all intuitively yearn for this belonging and have the need to feel “part of”. So to ensure that deep need is fulfilled in a non-threatening way, we have been herded into sports, music, patriotism and others safe or superficial experiences of unity. There is a clear and logical reason that social manipulation that has come about, there are reasons we have been enticed in front of the TV, or lured into addictions and other dead end escapes ,there is a reason we live cut off from others in our suburban homes, fenced in and alarm systems on the ready. It is to ensure we don’t ever feel, see or experience the power of coming together as one voice.

I believe we still have the power to stop or dramatically reduce the full force of global warming. The spark that can ignite that flame, that becomes a fire storm to burn down  and dismantle the devices that enslaves us and guarantee our extinction, is the initial realisation that we do have power, we are not powerless against the forces that be. Quite the opposite. We are “The” most powerful voice and energy that exist in this world to defeat what aims to destroy us. It’s the actual awareness of that in which so much energy, power and focus has gone into counter acting. Our media, our political establishment, our working environments are all set up in such a way that ensure dissent remains within safe parameters , that change always benefits the few and most importantly people remain ignorant of how powerful they are  when united, how much we have in common and how much we are being totally fucked over.

Tim (the co-creator of this blog) and I have come together to try make this blog our own shared and unified voice of sanity in order to compel whoever reads it, to become a part of that global force required to make a difference. We are investing time to this blog because we believe in the need for a full blown revolution, as anything less will be insufficient to counter act what’s before us. We believe that radical and fundamental change needs to start with some growing awareness of the power we have and the urgency to act on that power. If there is any hope for our kids and future generations, it lies with people knowing their power is found in togetherness, that alone we are hopeless against what’s before us but together, everything and anything is possible. We have absolutely no faith in the political or corporate class, as I think it’s fairly futile to expect the masters to set their slaves free . So we set off with the intention of contributing to raising awareness through this blog, whilst taking the most positive actions within our personal and practical environments that are available. We do this with no idea of where or how it will make things better but we know for sure, that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

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