Bono is the ultimate “Man of the People”

A homage to the conceited fuckwittery of Bono 

I have been a long-time fan of U2 , so much so I had “U2 rules” written on my ruler (the irony at the time eluded me)  when I was in grade 5, back in 1984 before the U2 went all uber famous on the release of  Joshua Tree. Yet the utter knobiness and overall wankery of the frontman Bono has been hard to turn a blind eye to. So even though I am still a big fan of the music of U2 and Bono , the person deserves any and all lampooning directed his way. So here is my small contribution to the highlighting of the toss-pottery and pretentious douche-baggery which is Bono bono -gatesbono-gorebono and queen 2

bono-obama-tonybono-mccain-edit 2

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