Nigel Farage is Britain’s Pauline Hanson, minus the dancing skills .

The Respectable UKIP thread of the far right expresses it perceived legitimate concerns about our “Nation” being swapped by “foreigners”

NF-edit 2  The quote in the meme was in reference to Nigel Farage being on a London tube and not hearing anyone speak a word of English “shock horror” .As I am sure when Nigel is with group of delegates taking the fast train to Brussels he causally moves into fluent French and Flemish when required in order not to put those local through same disturbing experience he went through .The other day I came across a perfect song by Lilly Allen, that if the UK Labour party had the balls to move back to the left, this song could win then election , as it just sums the only response you can muster against the Osbornes, Camerons and Farages of the political system,


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