Uniliver: Project Sunlight an honest translation

Here is my own take on “Project Sunlight- Including clouds ” being shamefully promoted  on upworthy  because Uniliver is gleefully enriched them for the favour .Whats  next 84 seconds that show how McDonald’s cares about cows?



The nauseating piety of UNworthy.com ,sorry upworthy.com rationalising getting paid for this pathetic attempt to show the world how caring a sociopathic multi-billion dollar food companies really are should win an award .For what, I am not sure maybe I need to invent one.

The award goes to upworthy.com for being the “most transparent for profit business helping  another for profit business look like something it’s not” or something less convoluted and more witty.  You get my drift. Honestly I think this deserve the wrath of anyone out there on the twitter-sphere with any pull to point out the utter charade and bullshit what upworthy.com have done. I have 24 followers on twitter half of them I think I went to school with, my wrath reach its as big Uniliver desire to make the world a better place.So give us a hand and RT this video. Thanks EF.

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