Being ruled by Robots: What it means to have 3 political leaders who all look like variations of each other.


Being ruled by Robots: What it means to have 3 political leaders who all look like variations of each other

It astounds me at times how uniformed the appearance is of the current leaders of the UK’s major political parties. David Cameron, Ed Midland and Nick Clegg all seem like they have all been birthed from futuristic dystopian clone factory. This factory of political robots promises no surprises, no radically difference perspectives; rather they assemble them all with the same hardware and software, ensuring the same  predicable outcome. They come with all the standard specs required of a politician. They have Lego man style hair, the neutral and bland face, the cut of their cloth and the myriad of faces require of  a politician, from concern frown, fake passion, light hearted man of the people laughter  and of course  the face of self-righteous piousness whilst telling blatant lies.

They all seem to pull this off without anything distinguishing them from each other, giving us a choice similar to Pepsi or Coke or more appropriately, horse shit or cow dung .I see this homogeneousness of their appearance being  a symbolic reflection of the difference in their politics. They are all committed and invested in ensuring the current status quo will remain intact. We then have variations on how ruthless they will be in maintaining that .Like the choice of either a blue tie or yellow tie, we get to choose changes within a set of fixed parameters, the difference style of suit, tie and trousers. When in reality we need kilts, turbans, miniskirts and full nudity if we really want to feel like we have real choice.

86161799__428697cAs result of this it seems there is growing disillusionment in the political system .Party membership has dwindled year after year and peoples apathy regarding voting is based on some basic understanding that whatever the three parties get voted in, things will remain the same. Yet you would think the gradual erosion of civil liberties, the wealth grab from the working and middle class to the uber-rich and just the general unfairness and audacious contempt the ruling class have towards the rest of us, that a revolution would be bubbling up from the belly of the common citizenry. Yet they get away with it year after year, being bolder and increasingly more brazen in what’s up for grabs and what can be successfully stolen from the public purse. Things have somehow evolved where the unthinkable, is now doable , such as the sale of the NHS. As we witness the selling off the NHS, we see a concreate example of the shameless assholery that typifies our current political class. Without a mandate from the public, a great public asset will sold to various political donors, at bargain basement price, that will solely enrich their friends and supporters. All the while the public is burden with same tax but suddenly will have to start for pay for health services that were once free. Right before our eyes they are gutting out one of the world most equitable and decent health care systems. All with our silent consent.

How do they pull this shit off I think can only been explained by the power of the propaganda that we  are saturated in from cradle to grave. a-ED-MILIBAND-NICK-CLEGG-DAVID-CAMERON-640x468It’s not Mao Tse Tung style worship of our leaders, rather it propaganda that diverts our attention from what a matters, to the inane and superficial. Consumerism, competition, status and wealth we have been told repeatedly somehow matter. That our life should be shaped around the acquisition of “things”. Outside the drudgery and utter boredom that most people endure to get a wage, spare time is spent theoretical as “leisure time.” This time has to be has to used up, in the artificial work /leisure paradigm we live in. Seeing as the average UK adult spend 4/5 hours a day in front of the television or computer, for many leisure time can be spent watching other people acting in stories or reality shows where people are pretending to be real. Through this visual replication of life, people can then indirectly live out the emotions and excitement that is missing in their own lives. You then add alcohol, drugs, food , sport and sex as further diversions and we see we immersed in culture geared to distraction or numbness. So in perverse kind of Orwellian newspeak, the distraction and the numbing of pain is now called “leisure”.So I think all of this amounts to political system that is devoid of any real participation of the citizenry and deliberately detached most peoples everyday life.Keeping the public either struggling or distracted ensures major crimes go unpunished, as dissent is permitted only with a very limited spectrum. Clone club is only open to those who are willing  melt themselves down and get remolded in the image of those who they aspire to imitate. 

So given all this it make sense we are left with android type political leaders. All fitting in seamlessly into a system that is exceedingly corrupted , giving only the appearance choice .Given the pervasiveness and power of our current system, it’s hard to see that major changes happening anytime in the near future. Although I take some comfort in fact I may be wrong. I remember watching a documentary about a Boeing 747 were its engines caught fire in mid-air and it ending up plummeting to the ground killing most of the passengers. The documentary followed the process of how they deducted what went wrong. The investigation eventually discovered a tiny grain of sand had created a hairline crack in particular metal sheet, that covered some kind of cooling unit. When that eventually broke, it triggered a domino type effect of malfunctions, ending in the plane crashing to the ground .So although it looks like there isn’t much chance of radical change coming soon, maybe there is tiny grain of sand somewhere in the societal fabric, that will start the crack, that spirals into some kind massive social redemption and liberation. Let’s wait and see.

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