Dear Guardian Media Group: ‘Will you lead the fight against climate change?’

Dear Bill Gates Guardian Media Group,

We need you Alan..

We need you Alan..

You need to know that climate change is a real and present danger to our society. I should know, as I read it in one of your newspapers. That’s why we are asking you to stop taking advertising revenue from larger multinational corporations, stop fueling, via your advertising, unbridled consumption, and cease immediately your support for political parties (such as your recent endorsement of Labour) that are committed to doing nothing to halt the emanate global catastrophe of climate change. You can help stop climate change, I say to the Guardian’s editor-in-chief.

Look, I know you guys are feeling pretty smug and good about yourselves now that you have started piously urging the likes of Bill Gates to help stop climate change. Hey, you divested your own massive profit from fossil fuels, so good job leading the way. Yet, my advice to you is the same I give to kids: try to sort your own problems out before you start pointing out those of others.


Look the world is melting, we REALLY need you Alan

Look the world is melting, we REALLY need you Alan

I really do want you, Guardian Media Group, to help fight in the battle to save our planet, but keeping fossil fuels “in the ground” is only one component of a larger malaise and dysfunction which is the root cause of the world’s problems. What it is creates the structural violence throughout the world, ensures unending poverty for billions, and allows rapacious wars to be waged against innocent civilians; it’s part of what ensures that the growing inequality throughout the world will only get worse. The reason it’s not covered in your “keep it in the ground” campaign, and its name goes unchallenged in your news, is you happen to be a recipient of its trickle-up rewards.As it is capitalism’s unquestioned authority on “How the world is meant to work” and the bought and corrupt governments and media who uphold this system are the real issues that need to be addressed if we are to effectively combat climate change. Companies like Unilver, with whom you enter into million-dollar advertising contracts, are key players in ensuring we accelerate into climate demise. You can pretty much go through a list of any of your major advertisers and say the same, as they are global players tied into each other and a “for profit” model that has morphed them into a form of societal sociopathy. Your enrichment through advertising revenue gives legitimacy to that same model. It’s not enough to divest from oil and gas; rather, we have to divest from the systems these fuels supply and drive.

Guardian Media Group, let’s be really honest. The fact is you support the status quo. What’s even worse, you create the illusion that you’re a voice of dissent, yet when you have a chance to genuinely dissent on areas that matter, such climate change, illegal wars, or not endorsing more of the same status-quo politics (Obama/Blair/Scottish Independence), you do as expected every time: cravenly bow down to the powers that be or an other way of seeing it is you proundly stand up and be counted as one of them.

Please take the time to stop patting yourself on the back and try to see that the world needs you, Guardian Media Group. We have limited time and a limited voice. We need your progressiveness to be more than just a demographic you sell to advertisers. We need real and passionate voices willing to rock the boat and incite radical and significant change. Please, Guardian Media Group, help us fight to keep the planet habitable for future generations. Please stop preaching and start doing.

Kind Regards,
Concerned People of the World 




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