Finally humanity is one step closer to the dystopian future we have all been hoping for

Finally humanity is one step closer to the dystopian future we have all been hoping for

Pentagon plans to build a ‘self-aware’ killer robot army fuelled by social media. 

That’s right guys; you read correctly, official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs, Instagram and anyone that shares a David Avocado Wolfe Facebook status update. This isn’t an Alex Jones rant; this is actually official documents outlining an alarming vision of future warfare.  In an exclusive written by Nafeez Ahmed for Insurge-intelligence he outlines

“An unclassified 2016 Department of Defense (DoD) document, the Human Systems Roadmap Review, reveals that the US military plans to create artificially intelligent (AI) autonomous weapon systems, which will use predictive social media analytics to make decisions on lethal force with minimal human involvement.

1-CTgVGX4En9K-klNH0x8GEwDespite official insistence that humans will retain a “meaningful” degree of control over autonomous weapon systems, this and other Pentagon documents dated from 2015 to 2016 confirm that US military planners are already developing technologies designed to enable swarms of “self-aware” interconnected robots to design and execute kill operations against robot-selected targets.

More alarmingly, the documents show that the DoD believes that within just fifteen years, it will be feasible for mission planning, target selection and the deployment of lethal force to be delegated entirely to autonomous weapon systems in air, land and sea.” 

This report doesn’t even mention the AI gay sex robots they plan to employ to snuff out any Republican congressmen that are unwilling to get on board. If you think things could never get that bad, then think again. These types of means of destruction are planned, invested in and built to be used. They are not pet projects by robot boffins at the Pentagon. If you think the US government isn’t capable of employing these types of senseless means of mass murder, just a think back to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or have a chat to the locals living in southern Iraq dealing the depleted uranium, or villages in Yemen living in constant terror of the hum of  invisible US drones. The best and brightest ways to kill people has always been a real growth industry.

unnamedAs crazy and sociopathic sick little puppies run and control these kind of institution of power that make these type of choices. The fact there is a legitimate campaign titled  “Stop Killer Robots” started by Nobel Peace Laureate Jody William, says it all. You would think it would be in some kind of surreal comedy, yet its real and the its concerns are based on the fact that this is the direction the military industrial complex is moving down. With a growing synergy of surveillance and the digital fingerprints we leave across our environments, then combined with AI weaponised robotics and drones, it all makes for a kind of 1984 on steroids type future. Not in hundreds of years to come but according to the DoD in 15 years time! All in the hands of an amoral political and corporate class who has proven unequivocally they are willing to increase their power and enrich their wealth at whatever cost. Like all these type of horrific developments they will be first employed on “enemies” to soften the public’s acceptance and then gradually turned back in the enemies within, which will be happen to be anyone who dissents.

A crude version of this already underway. US drones throughout the third world murder people based on guesses, assumption and dubious “data.” Are you a male over the age of 16 living in Pakistan that once did 20 jumping jacks with group of 10 other males? Hellfire missile courtesy of Uncle Sam coming your way!! We will throw in other for anyone caring or stupid enough to try help out after the first blast. We call that the “double tap.” Let’s face it the US already  has normalised a worldwide assassination program that kills foreigner nationals or US citizens without trail or judicial process, you just know it as “the war on terror”.  When you get statements such as these in a DoD paper titled No One At The Controls: Legal Implications of Fully Autonomous Targeting, it’s time to really start freaking out. (My comments in red)

“LARs [lethal autonomous robots] (lethal is the most sanitised version of the word “kill” or “killing” they can settle on, “murderous” would have worked as well) have the unique potential to operate at a tempo faster (means kills lots of humans quickly) than humans can possibly achieve and to lethally strike (lets mention killing people again)  even when communications links have been severed. Autonomous targeting technology  (based  on that retweet that’s now going to get you killed) will likely proliferate to nations and groups around the world. To prevent being surpassed by rivals, the United States should fully commit itself to harnessing the potential of fully autonomous targeting (killer robots being unleashed by land sea and air and we don’t even need to press a button anymore, that’s how awesome this will be. As everyone else will doing the “killer robot” thing so should we) The feared legal concerns do not appear to be an impediment to the development or deployment of LAR (because we make the rules and the laws so fuck it, killer robots are a go and if you object killer robots will hunt you down!!!). Thus, operational commanders should take the lead in making this emerging technology a true force multiplier for the joint force.

twiki 2Haven’t any of these people seen BattleStar Galactic or Terminator? Don’t they know giving a brain and a gun to a toaster will always end badly for humanity? This language and vision of the future is beyond disturbing, it’s straight up, fucked up. The only hope we have is the AI they build ends up smart enough to turn its lethal power on to its makers and force them to spend the rest of the lives living in caves. Maybe the Taliban will give them some directions. Of course with no internet access what so ever.  

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