£7,732 for a Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab t-shirt. What a bargain!!

What’s the most you have paid for a t-shirt? For me it depends where I’m buying it. If it’s the K-mart/Primark variety maybe £7 but if I am talking basic bro Quicksilver/Pull and Bear maybe £25 on sale. Whatever the case, not much. Mind you, I am a forty something with a dad-bod, with leanings towards comfort not fashion but I would say, give or take a few pounds here and there I am representative of many men. So the question is who spends on E-bay £7,732 for Louis Vuitton logo tee? According to this article there are some humans who actually do just that.

Teen hypebeasts in the wild?

Did you miss out on the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab drop? The opening day at the London pop-up – and pretty much every day after – has attracted long lines of teen hypebeasts desperate to get their hands on the red-and-white monogrammed merch.

That’s right, the collection – which was already bank-breaking – is now worth even more thanks to those who decided to buy with business in mind. Your regular red, box logo hoodie would set you back around £700 and a good half a day of your time – eBay will save you the effort for a mere £6,185. Even the logo tee – usually priced around £350 – is being resold for a ridiculous £7,732. Still not.

Obviously I did miss out on the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab drop, sadly so. I would have also been curious as to what a “long lines of desperate teen hypebeasts” actually looks like, sound scary. Yet the really pressing question is WTF £7,732 for friggen t-shirt?  Did Rumpelstiltskin weave it with gold and locks of Rapunzel’s hair? Sadly it’s most likely just stitched up in the same sweatshop that produced my crappy Primark Star Wars t-shirt.  

Maybe I am just a low brow prole but can you imagine getting a bacon grease stain on £7,732 t-shirt? Doh! I knew I should have bought a second hand car instead of  this uber cool logo tee. Since it’s such an overt form of “conspicuous consumption”, for the sole purpose of elevating ones status, you would need other like-minded morons/fashionistas to acknowledge that you had in fact made this purchase. Of course without appearing, to be appearing to be letting them know you have made this purchase. Now maybe I am projecting my peasant mindset and forgetting that people who spend on £350 to £7000 on an item of clothing have done so many times before and are way more blasé about it.

It’s stories like these that really show how obscene and decadent capitalism and high end consumerism has become. I did article previously on the long-con of the fashion industry and examples like these are abound. It’s just at times it’s hard not to be bowled over at the utter absurdity of these types of stories. That aliens above would be observing a women in sweatshop being paid £1.50 a day to make t-shirt that cost £2.00 to be produced, to then sold on to person at £300, by retail shop assistance working for £6.00 an hour, and that ladies and gentlemen in system of exchange for production, labour and distribution that governs all of human society. And whose idea was this?

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