In Australia a man is removed from a flight for writing the word “terrorism” : So the new era of absurdity, farce and lies begin.

In Australia a man is removed from a flight for writing the word “terrorism” : So the new era of absurdity, farce and lies begin. 


Oliver Buckworth, a 28-year-old Melbourne-based interior designer was removed from a Tiger flight bound for the Gold Coast after a fellow passenger saw his doodles and deemed them to be “terror” doodles, whatever ever the fuck a terror doodle is. It’s frightening and threatening statements and doodles like this got him booted off the plane.

“In a land of melting ice-creams, sandy feet and fluffy bears, how could anyone be fearful of terrorism?”


A sketch of a chandelier; the phrase “Terrorismadeup”; and a cartoon of a child clutching his head with a thought bubble saying: “Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terodactyl. Tarantula. Terrorist.”

The surreal nature of what happened wasn’t lost on Buckworth, as he said:

“The irony is, I was writing a sentence about the absurdity of the fear-mongering, when we live in such a happy country of ice-cream and beaches and fluffy things.”

So, not even in the space of a week, just writing the word “terrorism” on a laptop or a piece of paper is enough to be escorted from a plane, miss your flight and have to answer to police.

I would like to know why the airline themselves and the person reporting the “terror” threat weren’t arrested for wasting the police’s time and resources? Seriously, who was the moron in charge of that flight that ordered Buckworth to be removed? He or she should be automatically elevated to Australian’s top 10 dumbest humans. Why didn’t they, upon listening to this paranoid and panicked sticky-beaks evidence of “terror doodles”, tell that nosey parker to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down? What level of analysis and investigation was required to ascertain that this person was actually writing about how absurd the “fear of terror” has become and explain to this dip-shit, that writing the word “terror “or “terrorism”, is not the same as actual “terrorism”.

I can’t help thinking the police must have arrived and in less than 2 minutes, they must have thought “You got to be fucking kidding me.” So why isn’t the media lampooning, naming and shaming the fearful imbeciles who instigated the whole thing? The reason is that it is seen better to be a “safe than sorry” kind of situation. That, as of last week, home-grown terror is alive and kicking down under. Its responsible citizens like bird-brain here and his accomplices that are doing their civic duties by reporting on the filmiest and most farcical of imaginary threats. And this is only the beginning.

video-undefined-204394F800000578-264_636x358I genuinely feel for what the Muslim community in Australia is going to have to put up with in the coming months. For them, it will feel like 9/11 all over again, which is exactly the divisive and fearful mind-set Tony Abbott is happily nurturing and fuelling. As “fear” is the great distraction according to corporate and state agendas and carefully executed under its dark shadow. In the wake of last week’s arrest, we already we see this process under way. Somehow, this immediate “threat “justifies re-writing all our laws on how we combat terrorism, unsurprisingly giving the police more power and even less accountability.

“Under the proposed counter-terrorism laws, radical preachers who encourage others to engage in extremist acts could be jailed for up to five years.

How “encourage” is legally defined is ambiguous. What constitutes this as an extreme act? A hunger strike? A sit-in protest? An invasion of foreign country?

Police would also be given the power to conduct what amounts to covert search warrants on terrorism suspects’ properties, enabling them to delay notification of a search warrant for up to six months.

This a long winded way of saying the police will now be able to conduct warrantless snooping and spying on any person by pencilling the word “terror threat” 6 months down the track.

A new offence would also make it illegal for anyone to advocate a terrorist act, even if the act did not occur.

This type of blurry legislation opens the door for all sorts of twisted interpretations. As what is it to “advocate” and what is a “terrorist act”? Is sympathising the same as advocating? Where does our right to free speech fit into all of this? Is defending yourself from an invading army, self-defence or terror?  Are Australian planes bombing and killing civilians in ISIS controlled Iraq defined as terror acts? Can Tony Abbott go to jail for encouraging such acts?

History shows us that the more power that is given to those in power, the more power will be abused. Once new power is granted, it is not easily or willingly let go. Laws that were exclusively for the “terrorist bad guys” can be eventually used to control dissent and opposition to those in power.

As we move closer toward a hybrid fusion of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and Orwell’s “1984”, I really hope there is enough Australians that see through this facade and prevent even further encroachments on our freedom and liberties. Here is hoping.



8 thoughts on “In Australia a man is removed from a flight for writing the word “terrorism” : So the new era of absurdity, farce and lies begin.

  1. Laws that were exclusively for the “terrorist bad guys”

    There are no laws against the real terrorists, as the real terrorist are making the rules. How many times does it have to be said. If you kick someone in the b–ls, they are going to kick back. So if you destroy whole families in an illegal war, well I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.
    Israel has just killed over two thousand people, in pay back for the murder of two Jews. Yet the moment anyone tries this in their own country, against a foreign invading force, they are deemed terrorists, somewhere someone has got their logic mixed up with their shoe size.
    No country has done more to destroy the world in which we live as has the US. They just cannot leave any country that does not follow their rules alone, they are a bunch of very dangerous spoilt children

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    • Well said Michael, its the sad and fuck up truth.I think that’s one of biggest illusion that holds all that up is deep down our nations have good intention, we may make mistakes but our hearts are in the right place.All the facts of US and UK murder and destruction over the last 60 years undermine that premise and shows it to be cultural meme en-trained into people minds from a very early age. Yet i think there is growing ground swell of people waking up to whats happening that has the potential to turn things around. Anyway thanks for you contribution 🙂

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  2. Michael: I suppose you know that the murder of the two teenagers has several indications of its having been a false flag. For instance, the police didn’t start an investigation for a whole day after frightened cellphone call had been received.

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  3. You posit that there’s a ground swell of people waking up to what’s going on, and that has the potential to turn things around. Are you serious ?
    Latest polls indicate the Mad Monk’s popularity has increased on the back of his terrorist scaremongering, how does that equate with groundswell waking up ?
    I’d love to agree with your claims, however the pragmatic reality tells me Australians are simply too dumb to understand what’s being shoved down their throats, and they won’t wake up at all, until it’s too late. I don’t believe there’s one Australian over 50 who believes this crap about terrorists threatening Australia, we all know it’s bullshit.
    Yes, we can see the threats and statements being made via world media allegedly emanating from ISIS, to target Australians because we are sycophantly following the U.S. in their hedgemony ambitions. However, making such threats thousands of miles away, and enacting them here on our shores is a huge stretch, which it appears our esteemed P.M. is unable to connect the dots too, that is even if he wants too, as this is excellent political propaganda and the polls prove him right.
    What will engage the Australian people, is when the situation gets worse, and worse it will get, when the demands made of our Government by their masters in Washington mean our military will be over committed and a draft is instituted to fill that gap.
    THEN, and only THEN, will the people of Australia take notice. But guess what, the latest laws initiated by the Mad Monk will mean anyone protesting such an action will be arrested and held incommunicado for at least 6 months. COOL hey ?

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    • Hi Eddy, for your feedback 🙂 In term of there being a ground swell, that being a reality of course is dependent what you define a “ground swell”. Although I agree there is apathy, disinterest as well mindlessly applauding this current government, I still don’t think it takes away that part of the population that is against much of what’s happening. I think one of the problems is the mainstream media give little emphasis or press to any anti-government rally or opposition that takes place. The same happen in the run up to Scottish independence. I also think those people who are feed up and disenchanted about how corrupt this government is, maybe don’t feel they have viable channel to express dissent, as labour in Australia just like the UK has become a milder version of the conservative party. Yet when you look the anti-war march in 2003 which attracted 600,000 people across Australia, I don’t think who ever those 600,000 where they are now suddenly in favour of this government. Then recently there was 30,000 protest in Melbourne essential against his government current policies on the environment. So maybe you might see those number as being too little to defined a “ground swell” but they something, it is some kind of collective resistance to what’s going on. The truth is it has to start somewhere and maybe your right, until your average joe, teacher, cop, nurse, council worker start feeling the pinch that malaise might remain. Yet I think to throw in the towel and just concede the public is just too dumb and that it’s not worth it, for me at least is just a depressing place to be in. I don’t think people are too dumb, rather I just think they are uninformed and all caught up their personal struggle to pay bills, look after your kids, maintain a mundane job you hate ect..that they may not have the energy to then think of wider social issues. As the campaign to numb and distract the people is very power and relentless as there are billions invested in keeping people asleep, numb and distracted which I wrote an article on way back. Some us of manage to see through it but maybe it wasn’t always that way, maybe we started off with assumptions that where false and naïve, so I think as each us have gone from uninformed to informed, then there is hope for everyone.

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