Senator Lambies brain humbly take all the credit for the recent crack down on terror cells in Australia.

The chronicles of the dumb  and absurd things Senator Jacqui Lambies says

a0feb21e-519d-4337-a6f5-b6734feefbc6-460x276I’m thinking I should start devoting this entire blog to the “Dumb  and absurd things Senator Jacqui Lambies says” as there seems an endless supply racist and grandiose statements that pour forth from her mouth. Her latest one is attributing the recent raids and arrests of the so called ISIS terror cells because of her instruction to do so. Senator Lambie had called on the Government to

“clean up the rubbish in our own backyard before we try to clean up the rubbish in others”.

“It looks like they have started cleaning up some of the rubbish,”

Spokesman Rob Messenger said.

The according to the Senator Lambie’s brain, is prior to her demand for the

“human rubbish to be cleaned up”

the federal police where just aimlessly dawdling along. Upon Senator Lambie decisive and direct orders they suddenly they got into gear. The head of the Federal police must have got the call from Lambie’s messenger, Rob Messenger (that is actually his name) and thought

“Now that I think  about she is so right”

and ordered the rubbish removal straight away.  Thank you Jacqui , the world is truly a safe place thanks solely to you.

After humbly taking all the credit for the arrests she also stated

“Supporters of sharia law lived in Australia and should be cleaned up before sending troops to the Middle East. Supporters of sharia law should leave Australia and not be allowed to stand for public office.”

I assume Senator Lambie cannot tolerate the intolerance and fundamentalism she thinks goes with Sharia law. As kicking someone out of the country for a set religious belief they aim to adhere to is no way fundamentalism or oppressive.  As us Aussies are very tolerant and open minded, as long what you believe is pretty much the same as us.

ca943b46-5fbb-4d54-930f-d2c4cc1cc1bb-460x276       She also has no problem using dehumanising language calling people “Rubbish” which of course means these are people we can just dump, destroy or discard without a second thought either here or abroad.

Finally she then attributes her homespun wisdom to dear old Granny Lambie

“I can’t help but think of the wise advice my grandmother gave: Clean up the rubbish in your own back yard, before you try to clean up the rubbish in others,”

She also forgot mention granny Lambie use of leaches to cure a flu and good old exorcism to deal with mental illness.Or maybe she was an actually wise old lady and was instructing Senator Lambie to clean the rubbish in her own brain, before she lectured others on their beliefs.

Senator Lambie would be pure comedy gold if she didn’t hold a position in public office and had people actually listen to her. What is sad and disturbing about Lambie’s views is they do reflect a large segment of the Australia population that are frighten and racist. She is voice of the unspoken anger and hostility that “our” country,  a country created when we invaded and decimating the indigenous population 220 years ago, is being taken over by “people who are not us.” In thinking terms it’s the crudest and lowest common denominator, the Jerry Springer of public opinion, exalted as something other than the crass ignorance that it is. Thanks Senator Lambie, you make me so proud  and entitled to be a deluded racist Aussie.

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