Maurice Newman’s attack on the Bureau of Meteorology is just another backwards step in how the Australian government is tackling climate change.

Maurice Newman’s attack on the Bureau of Meteorology is just another backwards step in how the Australian government is tackling climate change.

By E.F Nicholson

maurice-newman-headwareWhy is Tony Abbott taking advice on climate change from a moron like Maurice Newsman? Maybe the answer is “It takes one to know one.” As this is where we have got to Australia. It makes sense in many ways when an ego-maniac moron like Tony Abbott is supreme ruler, he is going to surround himself with other like-minded dimwits, enter Maurice Newman.

Maurice Newman was previously a professor of climate studies at Yale University. Sorry, I meant to write that Maurice Newman talks like he was a professor of climate studies at Yale University, when the reality is that he has no scientific background or qualifications in any field of science.

This needs to be pointed out as here is a man that is advising the Abbott government on subjects as complicated as climate science.  His advice is probably  based on some “stuff he read” and “what so and so told me the other day.”  He is even accusing the Bureau of Meteorology of somehow doctoring their temperature findings due to the political pressure to make global warming look real. Even this very approach assumes that the reality is not enough for those pesky climate scientists. Maybe he also thinks that they tinkered with the Sun or made a deal with the sun god Apollo to give us 10 consecutive summers, each one hotter than the other. What’s happening here in psychological terms is called “projection.” He is projecting on to scientists his own agenda and mind-set. The fact is the only person with a political agenda that is looking to twist and alter figures and facts to suit their political aim, is Maurice himself. As I actually have no doubt that if the majority of the world’s climate scientists  start to see figures that suggested things were getting better or were not as bad as we thought, they would be the first rejoice and tell the world. Their professionalism, I have no doubt is greater than being proven right that the world is about to descend into a climate hell hole.

Sadly, the problem is that more and more studies are finding out that things are getting worse than we thought and the fall out and shit storm from global warming could be felt sooner than later and be more severe than we imagined. Problem is, this news doesn’t suit Mr Maurice and the companies whose agenda he aims to advance. As Mr Maurice would rather put his hands over his ears and say “blah blah blah, I can’t hear you.” This is followed by Maurice coming out and doubling down on his stupidity.  Due to something he must have read in a “Readers Digest” while waiting at the dentist and after what he felt must have been a particularly “chilly winter”, he has come out saying it’s “global cooling we need to watch out for” making him the laughing stock of everyone in the science community but simultaneously  champion of the poor and penniless underdogs the “fossil fuel industry” . Given we have such bird-brain giving this type of advice to Tony Abbott ,I can’t see why Abbott hasn’t appointed Professor Shit for Brains Lord Monkton as his minster for the environment. Why stop there, why not get the CEO of the Tabaco giant Phillip Morris to be minster for health and then Ozzy Osborne in charge of the war on drugs.

All this would be a huge laugh if it wasn’t for the fact there are serious issues threatening the existence of humanity itself. Australians are in fact smarter than this, as 30,000 demonstrating  in Melbourne a few weeks ago showed. It’s time this basic level of intelligence started to spread across the nation as an antidote against the virus of Abbottgites and Murpox. As I have no doubt that with a well informed and intelligent public there is no room for morons like Tony Abbot and Maurice Newman.

maurice moron

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