Videos: 1st a social commentary on refugees: 2nd Silliness & Saudi: 3rd A piss-take on Pepsi and Kendall Jenner.

Here are three of my attempts at some video creation. I find making videos hard, particularly the conversion of an idea in my head, which seems so creative and poignant, into what ends up on the video itself. This time has been no exception, in the sense they didn’t quite come out as I imagined but I thought I would post them anyhow.

When a foreign ship enters the waters of Spain, panic ensues.

Elysium arrives in Spain

The first is a video I came across the other day of a rubber dingy of refugees arriving on the beach in Cadiz, Spain. You don’t get to hear the lady shouting in Spanish, but she is screaming “Run Run” (Corre, Corre)—I assume not to the refugees, rather to all those around. The video instantly reminded of the scene in the movie Elysium, where the refugees fleeing earth to the satellite paradise arrive and the white suburban affluent types all panic. When you watch a movie like that it is natural to identify with the protagonists on Earth struggling to make a better life, yet in truth all of us here in the west are the more uptight privileged types hiding away in affluence and privilege, detached from the brutal reality of how bad the “have nots” really have it. Elysium wasn’t an allegory of a dystopian future, rather it was a future version of what’s happening now. In this video I am attempting to show how true to life this really is.

Smoke comes out of U.S. Spokesperson’s ears when asked about Saudi Arabia and democracy

Three words to never mention in the same sentence: “Saudi Arabia” and “democracy”

 This one is more on the silly end, rather than anything overtly insightful. It’s hard not to watch it and wonder what in fact was going on in this guy’s brain. Waiting for a hole to swallow him up? Wishing he had made different career choices? For me least, I just saw the gears crunching in his mind and the smoke coming out of his ears, as he was asked to answer in political speech at least, the reason why Iran doesn’t get a pass but Saudi Arabia does. Of the course the answer, like Voldemort’s name in Harry Potter, can never been spoken. This gives my recent run of Saudi bashing a nice round number of three.


Kendall Jenner Pepsi Protest Vs Real Protests

Zack de la Rocha -Digging for Windows Remix

This one I did a few months back. Out of all my amateur attempt at videos, I am happy with this one the most. I love the Zack de la Rocha ‘Digging for Windows’ that’s goes with it, as the beat matches really well with the real protests featured.  If you don’t recall it’s a mash-up from the ad Kendal Jenner did for Pepsi, which got rightfully pulled and lambasted for tone deafness and just flat out lameness. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of the ad executives when they brainstormed the pathetic and farcical new “Pepsi co-ops protests” ad staring Kendall Jenner…

 “Ok guys what are some of the edgy zeitgeist type themes we can synergise with the Pepsi brand? OK, police violence and the killing of unarmed black men, great. The plutocracy of the 1% devastating the lives of the working class, awesome. OK imagine this…There is the most piss weak and lame protest going on in the streets. The protestors conveniently fit all our target demographics and instead of being angry, poor and socially disfranchised, they are happy because they are drinking Pepsi. They are marching holding signs that don’t say “Bring down the fascist overlords” rather “join the conversation.” You may be wondering, what conversation? As it turn out it’s the conversation about the different sugar laden diabetes causing beverages, which a billion dollar multinational is trying to shove into the mouths of the population. You know, that conversation. All this to the back drop of a cool song written by a grandson willing to sell-out his grandfather’s political legacy to make a quick buck. We have few a ethnic types struggling to be creative who eventually realize they probably should drink Pepsi, but the main focus is this. A hot celebrity like Kendall Jenner who represents the vacuous narcissism of the 1% is doing like this glamorous photoshoot in front of a building as the protestors go by. Seeing the protestors joyful Pepsi-induced lovefest attracts her attention. She then catches the eye of some generic ethnic type and before her bodyguard choke holds him for daring to look into a white woman’s eyes, he eyebrow shrugs her an invitation to join the protest. So with uninhibited Pepsi-sponsored spontaneity she does. She then effortlessly and sunnily goes straight to the front of the protest line, as everyone cheers her on with the knowledge she is white, famous and has money so will be ok. Then instead of spitting into the face of the oddly non-militarised police officer or shoving a broken beer bottle into his jugular, she offers him a can of Pepsi, which comes from pile of iced Pepsis that just happen to be there. Umm, now let’s see how we pair that civil and social discontent with our iconic brand. As it is totally normal for large billion dollar corporations to sponsor a violent but well-dressed underclass attempting to bring about their downfall. Of course instead of him pepper spraying her or beating her to a pulp, he opens the can and everyone rejoices. The lesson? If only people drank more overpriced sugary black liquids being made with the dwindling water supplies being sucked out the public aquifers, then all the problems of the world would cease and the person to show us how this is done is a celebrity millionaire white girl. Amen.

So the idea of the video was to take a Pepsi-sponsored protest and juxtapose it against what an actual protest of civil unrest looks like.


Bonus: Then if you missed back three years ago here is our video documenting goats reactions to Tony Abbot denying climate change. It set the tone and quality for all future videos.






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